How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S9 Texting Problems

With a big price and great specification, Samsung Galaxy S9 was predicted to be a hit, and it is. The Galaxy S9 has been a great hit, right until it faced some problems with text messages in particular.

Many of the Galaxy S9 users complain that it is impossible to send picture messages, and some other can’t even transact simple messages. Moreover, there are some minor problems with automatic insertion of space in between words. With Samsung’s flagship phone, these problems might seem impossible, but it really happens, and can happen with anyone.

If problems like these happen with you, you may feel frustration but eventually, you will get normal and with a clear mind, you will act as needed. No matter if you are using the stock Samsung keyboard or any third party keyboard, you can fix the problem.


How To Get Rid Of Texting Problems On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Step 1: You need to set the messages app to it the default settings. This is a must if you have done experiments or customization with its settings – you will need to start with a fully default messages app.

Step 2: clear all of the cache and any of the data or info of the messages application. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Home >> Menu >> Settings >> Apps >> Apps Manager >> All tab;
  2. Select the keyboard, and then click on Force Close;
  3. Navigate towards storage >> Clear/ Delete Cache >> Delete >> Clear Data >> Delete


With these steps mentioned above, you will be able to give your messages app a fresh new start to fix Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 texting problems. And, the problem will be fixed and it will no longer cause any kind of errors or problems. In any case, if it still has problems, a solution can be you can try a different third party app just to see how it performs. Maybe, it will have no problems and you will get used. In that case, you will no longer face any kind of problems mentioned above. But, there could be a case where nothing works perfectly and you want your stock messaging app, then you would have to reset the Galaxy S9.

Hard reset deletes everything on the phone including preferences, data, and all the info. You can back up your apps and info, but even with the backup it would take some time for the device to set everything in their places like before that should fix texting issues on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.


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