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How To Fix Division Of Long Text Messages Into Smaller Parts On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

The problem of Samsung Galaxy S8 breaking up long texts into different parts is common but the worst thing about it is that the different parts are not arranged in any order. You might find that along text message for instance a three page text, could be split into smaller texts and your smartphone will start by displaying the last section of the split text message. This can create some confusion.

Although this disarrangement is not such a complicated puzzle and you will finally get the right order of the text messages, such a problem should not be happening on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. What is for sure is that the splitting of long texts and disarrangement of the parts is a very frustrating problem. In some instances I usually say there is nothing we can do to help you solve your problem.

However, this is not the case and in light of this I would like to be honest with you and say for this particular problem, you can actually try out a few things and see if they can solve the problem.


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Steps in fixing the splitting of long texts on your Galaxy S8

  1. Go to the settings and browse through to locate Applications
  2. From the Applications settings, look for Messages and open More Settings
  3. In the More Settings, proceed to Text Messages and identify the Auto Combination option which should enable you to combine large texts into a single text
  4. However, if the option in step 3 above has been enabled on your phone, but you still receive split messages, you need to check your system cache which could be corrupted in this case.
  5. For the problem is step 4 above, wipe the cache partition to bring an end to it.
  6. In order to wipe the cache partition, you must first switch off your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone
  7. Now press and hold the power, home and volume up buttons simultaneously
  8. Wait for the logo to appear and then let go of the Power button
  9. Only release the home and volume up buttons after the appearance of the Android logo. Leave the phone for 20-30 seconds before doing anything else
  1. Use the volume Down key to browse through the available options and then highlight the option for Wipe Cache Partition
  2. Confirm your selection by choosing Yes and wait for the phone to finish wiping the cache partition
  3. Choose the Reboot System Now option as soon as the process of wiping the cache partition is completed
  4. Be patient because the phone might take longer than usual to reboot


The steps provided above should be sufficient in helping to solve the problem of long texts being split. If this guide does not help, then you should consider getting your smartphone checked by an expert technician or replace the device if possible.



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