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How To Fix Forgotten Privacy Mode Password On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

When you use Private mode on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, you are able to hide certain files that you do not want others to see without using other third party apps. All of your videos, photos, and other things will be able to be seen Private Mode. When you leave Private mode, you are then able to give your device to someone else without being worries about people seeing certain files.

You do not have to be worried about people seeing your files unless you device to give them the unlock pattern or code in order to see them. This is the reason why this mode was created in order to have a more private feeling for people who own Samsung devices.

There are certain problems that may occur when you use “Forgotten Privacy Mode Password”. There may be a time that you have set up a password but then you end up forgetting it. However, you may be concerned with if you are even capable of resetting the password for Privacy Mode. Your only option is to do a hard reset to fix your issues. You must do a factory reset in order to reset your device.

But, keep in mind that when you do this method, all of your information will be erased on the device. The information that will be deleted will be things such as photos, text messages, settings, videos, and others but will the Samsung Galaxy S8 device will go back to the original state. Do not forget to back up all of your information if you decide to go through with this process. You can learn how to do this by take a look at the guide on how to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8.

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