How To Fix Freezing/Crashing Samsung Note 8

System crashes are typical occurrences of smartphone devices, although it is not a regular occurrence. No one expects you to find the experience funny, especially when it occurs on a smartphone like your Note 8, which obviously cost you a fortune and hey, it could be heartbreaking coming from a flagship phone. The most annoying part of the situation is that it happens with almost every app on your device, making it almost impossible to trace the exact third-party app that inspired the crash. We have done our research and experiment and so we have come up with solution we can work with. It is not the ultimate, but it’s better than nothing.

The first thing to do is to confirm that you are operating the most recent software update available. Make sure you do the necessary update and if the crash persists, then you can go ahead and apply the following solutions suggested below.


Perform a factory reset

This is the toughest decision users have to battle with and it’s usually reserved as the last option. This will simply delete every configuration, document, file and apps installed on your Note 8 and return it back to its factory settings. At best, backup all your files and data before proceeding with the factory reset because if you don’t, then kiss your files goodbye. Even if you try other options and they fail, you would still use the factory reset option eventually, so you might as well not go through the stress of try other options and simply go the factory reset way with the help of this detailed guide on how to perform a factory reset of your Note 8.


Delete the bad apps

The first suggestion mentioned above is clearly a simple process but this is quite complicated, not because of the routine steps you need to strictly follow, but mostly because of the contingencies you are likely going to deal with. Due to the numerous apps that crash frequently, you need to take some time out to research on the apps individually before drawing your conclusion.

You have to consider what other users are saying about the app, their complaints. You have to read up reviews on Google Play Store. Find out if there is any announcement from the developer about any improvements? You consider whether to wait for an update or simply delete the app right away. So many decisions.


Fix the memory problem

Restarting your Note 8 everyday might be helpful in preventing your phone from crashing or freezing. It’s not the most complicated solution but it’s been proved to have produced positive result on different occasions and for that, you may have to try it too. It might be a memory glitch that you could easily correct with the occasional restarts.

Alternatively, you could go to the “Settings” and clear apps’ cache. Go to the Settings, select Manage Applications, select the app that crashes regularly, Choose Clear Data, Select Clear Cache.


Free up some internal memory

Another very vital option is to delete so many apps that are not in active use and also delete unnecessary photos, videos and songs that you really do not need. The more free internal memory space you have, the lower the chances of the crashing or freezing of your Note 8.


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