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How To Fix Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Application Tray Problem

Samsung Galaxy S8 followed the natural trend of any flagship launch. It showed up on the market and users had huge expectations about it. People rushed into purchasing it and the more they got to use it the more they bumped into different issues. All great smartphones have their flaws or aspects that could use improvements.

At the same time, different users have different preferences, which is why particular features of the Galaxy S8 might be highly regarded by some users and disregarded by others. Today, we bring the App tray under the spotlights.

As you may know, this App tray is the place where your smartphone stores all the apps currently installed on your phone. And it comes with one major inconvenience – it always adds the last installed apps at the bottom of the list.

More organized users would love the chance of getting an alphabetical listing of all these apps. The good news is that Samsung actually introduced this option – tap on the A-Z button listed on top of the screen, hit Save, and it should all be set in order.

The bad news is that the moment you install a new app, it will automatically appear at the end of this list. The only thing you can do is to use the A-Z button after every new app.

The alternative is a third-party Launcher that you can download from the Play Store and that will spare you from dealing with the App tray at all. Nova Launcher is one of the most popular options you are about to find in there and suffices to read a couple of reviews to see how easy to customize and work with this Launcher really is.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Nova and if you don’t mind us saying, the following apps are just as good options. Chances are you will easily spot them on top of the search results within the Google Play Store:


  • Action Launcher 3, one of the coolest home replacement apps for Android devices;
  • Necta Launcher, an app that will significantly simplify your experience with Samsung Galaxy S8;
  • Android Big Launcher, extremely useful, in general, yet specifically appreciated by the users with poor eyesight;
  • Koala Phone Launcher, which will also improve your navigation and overall Android experience.


As a final and separate tip, if your smartphone is filled with all kinds of games, using the Game Launcher will make a huge difference.

That’s just about everything we wanted to share with you on this topic of Samsung Galaxy S8 and the annoying App tray, for the time being. If there’s anything else you can think of, do not hesitate to contact us!


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