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How To Fix Galaxy S8+ Plus Overheating And Battery Drain Issues

The problem of the Galaxy S8+ Plus overheating has been put forward by many users and also the developer has always explained several times on how to put this matter to rest. The overheating problem has been brought by the different apps that have been downloaded by the user or it is a problem that has just come up due to an update that has been done recently. As much the Galaxy S8 has overheated, this can spill over to the battery where it will drain and can no longer store energy for the time is supposed to.


How to Fix Galaxy S8+ Plus Overheating and Battery Drain (Also applicable to Other Galaxy Devices)

If you are experiencing the overheating problem on Galaxy S8+ Plus, here is how to solve it and before we get to that it is important to think out of the box and confirm that there are some updates that are behind this problem.

Oculus just released an update and chances are it is the one behind this problem on overheating and battery drain. Normally it affects the Gear-VR ready Galaxy S8+ Plus but the good part of it there is no problem with the Galaxy S8+ Plus that cannot have a solution.


To fix this problem you have to disable the app Gera-VR from the Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. On the settings find the “Apps”
  2. Scroll to find the “Apps Manager”
  3. Find the Gear-VR service and follow the prompts till you see either disable or delete
  4. Uninstall the oculus home first then followed by the oculus rooms thereafter “Red docks”
  5. It will then install the new version update and the problem could be fixed


Before you uninstall the application oculus it is paramount to open and see if the problem can be fixed if this does not happen then you have to disable it or you delete it. Sometimes when you open it the app strokes its self through and the issue is fixed. This is according to the user’s suggestions. It will be courteous if you inform us if the problem is solved after the removal of gear VR service.


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