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How To Fix Galaxy S8 That Is Not Recognized By Bluetooth

If you have a Galaxy S8 smartphone, you might experience some problems if you try connecting your device to another through the Bluetooth interface. Even though your Bluetooth might be off, you may still experience Bluetooth problems. The problem with Bluetooth connection mostly arises because your Galaxy S8 visibility is not open.

The guide will teach you how to fix the frustrating Bluetooth error on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone for those of us who are not familiar with adjusting the Bluetooth visibility.


Fixing Bluetooth visibility on Galaxy S8

  1. Power on your Samsung Galaxy S8 device
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Select the Bluetooth settings
  4. Check to see if your Bluetooth is turned on, pop up a window by clicking on 3-point sign
  5. Select the visibility timeout


The visibility settings allows you to select the specific duration that you want your Galaxy S8 to stay visible by other Bluetooth devices.


The following are the time periods that you can select for your device to remain visible:

  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • Never


Depending on the time duration you have set, your Galaxy S8 should be recognizable by other nearby Bluetooth devices without any problems.


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