How To Fix Galaxy S9 Apps Crashing

Freezing and crashing of apps on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are a major concern amongst owners. In response to different complaints on failing of apps, we have given a few methods to fix this problem.

Lots of different reasons could be making App crashing on Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. A simple fix is to update your device software. The tutorial below is for any user who has tried the software update without any positive result. Read on for how to fix apps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.


Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus Factory Reset

The factory reset option is one of the best ways to get an immediate solution to this problem. Before you carry out this reset, ensure that you make a back up of all your important information. This will protect you from loss of vital information.


Resolve crashing problem by deleting unused and bad apps

Another cause of crashing may be an app that you have installed. There are lots of apps which your Samsung device will warn you about before you install. When installing third-party apps, ensure you go through reviews on the Play Store to learn about any issues beforehand and also find out if they have been fixed. Third-party apps are fixed by the developer of the app and not by Samsung. Deleting the app is often the best course of action.


Memory Issue

Sometimes, restarting your device may be the solution to your problem. Running the device continuously will result in a memory glitch. If after restarting the problem persists, then go through the procedure below:

  1. Switch on your Galaxy device.
  2. Click on the Apps option in the settings menu.
  3. Select Manage Applications.
  4. Click on the app having the issue.
  5. Click on the Clear Data and Clear Cache


Is the limited memory the issue?

You may also be experiencing this problem if you are running low on internal memory. To free up memory space, delete apps which you do not use and also some of your photos or video files.

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