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How To Fix GPS Inaccuracy Problem On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

A few users came across a few troubles with their GPS on their Galaxy S8. Though only a few were affected, this problem can be quite serious as it gets people confused when their GPS keeps losing the lock or when their GPS gets lost somewhere with vague results.

If you are experiencing this problem on your Galaxy S8, you can try altering some settings on your Galaxy device to improve it. A simple method to anticipate this type of an issue is through setting your GPS in high accuracy. To set this up, open on Settings Location, ensure that your location is already turned ON then set it to High Accuracy.

This is the setting that basically sets your GPS running on the right track. If this still gives some unsatisfying results, try out other options that could be potential solutions to your problems. Here is our explanation.

There is a genuine probability that your battery usage is affecting the running of your GPS on your device. Check your battery usage by going to Settings Battery Power saving mode. The other probability is that there could be some apps on your phone that use GPS and you require to first clear the caches of those apps. To clear the cache, go to Settings Applications Manager Clear cache.

If this does not solve your problem, you could try factory resetting your smartphone. Remember to back all your important information prior to the reset to avoid any data loss as a result of the process.

Considering that your GPS problems could be as a result of a hardware or software malfunction, you can confirm first the functionality of the GPS through installing a GPS Test application and check the results. If it is not picking up similar satellites as other devices that also use GPS, it may be as a result of a hardware malfunction and as such, you could ask for a replacement unit from Samsung or the retailer.





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