How To Fix Group Texts Error On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

There are lots of surprising features that have its owners very happy with their happy of their Samsung Galaxy S8. However, with some of the great features, come some difficulties when they are not properly working and these can cause headaches for the users.

There have been lots of reports that users are having issues with finding or downloading texts is getting nearly impossible. Instead of seeing the actual text, you see a box that says “Message size: 2K, expires: date and time”. You might hit a download button but it does nothing.

You will see that there is something is loading up but it will always be like that. You will see the downloads are empty even if you change where you are. When you are having these issues, you are facing some difficulties with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

There is a way that you can bring back the normal setting of having group text on your smartphone again.


How you can solve group texts error on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus:

  • Do not be afraid to turn mobile data on. MMS are also considered as group text so you will need mobile data to receive and get them.
  • If you are able to avoid this possibility, you will know that the mobile data has already been enable for your device and you are still not able to get group text. So this means that the problem is with your APN settings. You should call the support hotline for the carrier’s tech and ask for the right APN and then have them show you how you can set it up on your device.
  • It is also recommended to take a look at the pages for the Galaxy S8 if you are having some other question. You should find a lot of guides that can assist with your problems.


After you follow the steps above, you should know how to fix group texts error.


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