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How To Fix Hot Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

We get it if you can’t take off your hands from your new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. But if your hands are getting hot as the device becomes hot following a couple of hours of use, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a normal thing! Overheating may indicate a minor problem, like a faulty third-party app or a cache glitch. But it can also be something more serious that only a technician will be able to troubleshoot.

The point is that, if you don’t do something to make the device return to a normal temperature, you can expect for more serious damages in the long term. Below you have a couple of standard options on what to do when a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus device becomes too hot. As usually, we’ve saved the professional help recommendation for the last, but, hopefully, you won’t get that far.


First, clear the cache of the system

Wiping the cache partition from the Recovery Menu is the easiest way to remove any glitches or problems with the operating system’s cache. You can or simply follow the standard pattern and:

  1. Turn off the phone;
  2. Tap and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons until the Samsung Logo with the blue recovery label on top will appear on the screen;
  3. Release the buttons and explore the Recovery Menu from the Volume Down button;
  4. Highlight the Wipe Cache Partition and start it with the Power button;
  5. Wait for it to finish and then use the Reboot System Now option.


Second, try to investigate the third-party apps in Safe Mode

If you’re still looking at the same overheated Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus, even after wiping the cache, it could be a particular app that is causing you these problems. Booting into Safe Mode will block all the third-party apps. If this will solve the heat problem, it means that you really are dealing with a faulty app. Even after going through a , it will be a bit tricky to determine which app is to blame.

The factory reset will get you rid of all the apps but, until you get there, begin by holding down the Power key. Tap and hold the Power off up until the Reboot to Safe Mode option will appear, when you can restart the device. You will know that you’ve got it right as soon as you can see the Safe Mode text on the left corner of the display.


As a last resort…

If you have wiped the cache and got rid of the malfunctioning third-party apps but the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus is still too hot, you can run the Vitamins for Samsung Mobile app, to see if you get any better suggestions. Nevertheless, the last resort is to actually take the device back to the store and have a technician check it for any physical damage.



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