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How To Fix No Sound Issue On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Sometimes you might face the no sound problem which can be a frustrating issue if you are using the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.


How to fix No Sound Or Speaker on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus

Steps to fixing, no sound or speaker issues on Samsung Galaxy are as follows;

You can find the solutions to fixing the sound problems on Samsung Galaxy S8 from this guide. You can also share any other solutions that you have used to solve the sound problem.


The following should notify you if you are facing a no sound problem on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  • Your Samsung Galaxy rings but speaker won’t work for other applications
  • You might not hear any sound with music, apps as well as calls.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 gets stuck in the headphone mode


Hopefully, the steps and fixes provided here will be able to get your phone back to its proper sound mode.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 No Sound Fixes

Step 1

Your phone might have the Silent/Vibrate mode enabled. You can check this by using the drop-down menu using your fingers to slide down the screen from the top. There are various options in the drop down menu and among them are the screen brightness, Wi-Fi, and other settings. You should be able to see a speaker icon which you can slide on and then turn it to Loud Mode.

Alternatively, go to the Settings and the open Sounds and Locate Volume. From the Volume setting, adjust the ringtones, notifications and music volumes.


Step 2

Use the power button options to restart your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. This can be done by long pressing the power button for some seconds until a prompt comes up. From the prompt, you are given an option got Power off device, the Airplane mode and Restart device. Select the option to restart device which should hopefully get rid of any glitches that are resulting into the sound issues.


Step 3

Connect your headphones into the jack on your device and then pull them out. Do this repeatedly because some glitches cause the phone to work as if it is in the headphones mode. And therefore this process helps to jerk the phone’s memory. In addition to that, this process helps to get rid of any blockages in the jack which are causing the sound problem.


Step 4

Check to ensure that you have the latest software update on your Galaxy smartphone. You can do this by following the directions below;

Settings > About device > Software update > Check for updates.

If there is a new update, download it. Different carriers release updates at different times.


Step 5

The fifth step might appear strange but it is simply similar to the process of cleaning the jack of the headphone although this step is applied for the charging port on your device. Any dust, dirt or grime blocking the charging port can result in a poor connection which might eventually lead to sound and charging issues.

This fix will make the device to think that it has been connected to a music dock. To effectively clean the charging port, use an old toothbrush to brush clean the port. Do this gently for some time. You be surprised by the amount of dust you will brush out.


Step 6

We have received a number of complaints resulting from the connection of the Galaxy smartphone to other devices via Bluetooth. Ghost connections still remain even after aborting a Bluetooth connection. These ghost connection sound issues when you try to playback a sound file. You can fix this issue by simply turning off the Bluetooth toggle from the Bluetooth settings.


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