How To Fix Not Charging Grey Battery Problem On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

People have been complaining that when their smartphone falls to the ground it develops grey battery problem. This problem can be attributed to the damaged charging cable or charging port of your device. This problem can also occur if there are dirt at the charging port of your device, this doesn’t allow it to charge adequately.


Dump Of System

If system dump mode is active on your device the panel will be debugged and you will be able to have access to several functions. There are some other things you can do on your device to increase your network speed. The procedure below will teach you how to do system dumb.

  1. Open the “dialer”
  2. Then press (*#9900#);
  3. You will see the “Low Battery Dump” close to the bottom of your screen, click it;
  4. Finally, tap on to turn it on.


Authorized Technical Help

After you might have tried all the above steps and you’re still experiencing the same issue, we advise you to constantly contact the Samsung’s technical team to resolve the charging problem issue. If warranty still covers your device, your device can be replaced if there is no permanent solution to the problem

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