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How To Fix Note 8 And Note 9 “Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy Has Stopped” Error

When your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 becomes unresponsive and you receive the message “Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped“, you must be intrigued. Everything was working smoothly until it didn’t but the things you were doing weren’t out of ordinary. The thing is that this error usually indicates a software issue and, depending on the real cause – what made that app to fail – the solution is simpler or more complex.

Allow us to begin with the more complex fix, which you can probably anticipate. Performing a Galaxy Note 8 factory reset is the kind of action designed to delete everything from the phone – all the data that you haven’t backed up, all the customization options, all the third-party software. When it’s done, you get a completely empty device that you can configure from scratch.


If you would like to try something more manageable and that won’t require extra work when it’s done, consider the steps on how to clear the Galaxy Note 8 cache. If you do that, you’ll only remove the cache memory of the operating system. Assuming that the Note 8 and Note 9 “Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped” error was caused by a system problem, you are going to be just fine once you get it done.

Now, in the event that you have noticed a particular app or several different apps triggering this error, you might just want to uninstall and reinstall those apps. But if this doesn’t please you, consider accessing the Application Manager. Under the list of all the Apps, select the Samsung Galaxy and use the Clear Cache and Clear Data options.


Reset your Samsung device and see if you still get the “Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped” error on Samsung Note 9 or Note 8 after that.

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