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How To Fix Note 8 That Won’t Turn ON After Charging

Charging is supposed to make your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 work like charm when you’re done. But what if you charge the smartphone like you usually do only to discover that, in the end, it no longer turns on? It may sound strange yet it is quite possible. We’re saying it so, if and when it will happen to you, you will be prepared. Here are the most effective solutions that we have found so far:


First, try to unblock the Power key

If you’re only using the power button to turn it on, it makes sense that you check if that button isn’t broken in any way. Unless there are visible damages on it, a physical malfunction isn’t something you can fix on your own. At least not without opening up the entire device. But if the hard key is just blocked, pressing it multiple times might unlock it, eventually.


When the key works fine, boot into Safe Mode

It won’t take you too long to conclude that the Power button seems to be fine. If the previous suggestion didn’t help, use the Power button to long press on it until you see the Samsung screen. Then, use the Volume Down key to long press on it until you access the Safe Mode. See if the display wakes up in this new mode or you’re still not getting anything from it.


When the Note 8 is functional in Safe Mode, Wipe the Cache

This one cannot be performed from the Safe Mode. You will have to learn how to wipe the cache partition on Note 8 by booting into Recovery Mode. Basically, the process will come down to these steps

  1. Press and hold: Volume Up, Power, and Home;
  2. When the phone vibrates, you can let go of the Power key alone;
  3. Keep holding the two other buttons until you see the Android System Recovery Screen loading on the display;
  4. You’ll have to go from one option to another with the Volume Down key;
  5. When you’ve made it to the Wipe Cache Partition start it with the Power key;
  6. When it’s done, the device will reboot by default.


When nothing else makes a difference, some tech support will do!

Maybe you don’t like the idea, perhaps because you no longer have the warranty in place. But as a free or a paid inspection, having the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen problem inspected by a technician will help you find a solution when nothing seems to work. If the power button is broken, as initially suggested, it should also be repaired fast. In any case, you’ll get the chance to replace the unit and have a fully functional smartphone once again!

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