How To Fix Pink And Green Lines Of Display On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Coming up after the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S9 certainly brought some changes. From giving up to some unnecessary settings to improving older features, with specific novelties in between, it caught the general attention. But to those who ironically ask things like “What else could you ask for?”, we have to answer just as ironically: to fix the pink and green lines that tend to show up on the Galaxy S9 display!

No pun intended, the complaints regarding this particular issue have shown up for quite some time. What most users who make such claims fail to admit, however, is that their devices might have been exposed to water…

Talking about how to fix the pink and green lines of this smartphone will inevitably take us to making a very important observation: the Samsung Galaxy S9 is actually more of a water-resistant device and not necessarily a waterproof one. That is to say, if you’re seeing those colorful lines on the screen, it must be because of some kind of exposure to increased humidity.

Since it’s a well-known fact that water and smartphones are not best friends, you should try to fix this problem sooner rather than later. Ignoring it can lead to a dead-broken display and you not being able to use the expensive smartphone at all!


So, what can you do when encountering this AMOLED panel problem?

  • You could try to power off the device and let it sit like that for a couple of hours, hoping that the traces of humidity will go away and it will all get back to normal. But chances are you’ll still see some grey or purple vertical lines, much like a barcode, showing up on the display of the device from now on.
  • Alternatively, you can try to adjust the display mode from Settings – if it’s currently set to AMOLED cinema or Adaptive Display, switch it to the Basic Mode or to the AMOLED photo mode. By doing so, you might decrease the intensity of those colored lines. Yet again, you’re not really solving the problem.


What we were trying to say, after all, is that the best fix for the pink and green lines that keep showing on the Samsung Galaxy S9 display is to take it to an authorized service. With or without warranty, don’t wait any longer!

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