How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Note 9 Authentication Error

The Wi-Fi authentication error is one of the most discouraging messages you can get from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9. It means you just cannot rely on a wireless connection and, unless your mobile data plan isn’t generous enough, you’re going to have a hard time using the internet. But don’t get that far, yet. Bear with us for a few minutes and consider a few effective tips on how to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 authentication error.


  1. The first thing you should do is to reboot the smartphone and to try to manually connect to the Wi-Fi network again. When you retype the username and the password, you have the chance to eliminate a potentially incorrect connection that the device might have identified. If this action alone didn’t help you get over the issue, you are entitled to suspect some other problems, for which we have two other solutions.
  2. The second thing you should do, considering the entire above, is to turn off the Bluetooth. Maybe you haven’t heard of it so far, but it is well known that the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi can often get into conflict. Consequently, our piece of advice is to keep the WAP enabled and to disable the Bluetooth. Then, try to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 to the wireless network and see what you get.
  3. The third thing you can try – and our second promised option after the unsuccessful network login – is to reboot the router. You’ve restarted the smartphone, you’ve reset the network connection by retyping the login credentials, and it didn’t work. Now, you should reboot the router or the modem, just to make sure you’re not getting an Wi-Fi IP address conflict.


The possible cause for the authentication error that we just mentioned above is quite frequent within the networks that connect different devices that share the same IP addresses. If you have a Mac, you can be pretty sure that its IP Addresses won’t inflict with the IP address of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9. Yet if you have any other Android or Windows device, this is possible. So, just to be safe, do the reboot and try to reconnect. This time, you’ll be surprised, but the Note 8 and Note 9 authentication error might disappear!


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