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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus Slow Charging

Some of the potential problems that could be leading to the Galaxy S8+ Plus slowed charging are discussed below together with the possible solutions.


Potential Solutions to Slow Charging of the Galaxy S8+ Plus

The most important thing to check is the power adapter if it is still correct the charge that comes with the Galaxy S8+ Plus is a first class charge known as a “Quick Charge” and when you input the charger for charging you will get a notification that says “Fast charging enabled” and if this text does not appear anywhere on the screen it means that the adapter has a problem and it needs to be replaced immediately.

The problem could be with the USB cable that does not transfer the required amount of current from the output to the phone and to verify if this is the problem then you have to get another USB cable and try it out.

The charging port could be faulty if both the adapter and the cables are functioning well, dust may have accumulated in the port and this can block the charging system of the Galaxy S8+ Plus this after using the Smartphone for a long time. For this matter to be solved you have to find a small dry brush or a toothpick and clean the charging port to get rid of the dust that has stuck in the port.


Software Trouble Shooting

If the charging apparatus are perfect then it has to in the phone itself and since this is not known yet it is imperative to try and check the following so that the problem can be solved once and for good.


Remove app Running on the Background

There could be some apps that are unwanted and are not important which could be the reason for the slowed charging in the Galaxy S8+ Plus and those apps may have been in use a long time ago and have never undergone any updates. To identify the apps, it is important to try and remove those apps that were not present when you bought the phone.

These applications will always consume a lot of the battery power and also occupy a big space in the Galaxy S8 Memory. If these apps are removed it will make the phone charge in time and also remove the problem of not charging on time, nevertheless, the Smartphone will charge with reasonable time. This means the charging will not take a long time and the battery will last longer with power.


How to clear apps

  1. Long presses the home icon till you see a list of apps and they will the apps that were recently installed.
  2. On the task manager opt for the “End all app”
  3. On the task manager, you will find the “RAM” touch on it to clear the RAM


Perform a system Dump

System dump allows the user to completely restore the Galaxy S8+ Plus which will take the phone to its original factory setting. To run a system dump on the Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. On the dial pad key in *#9900#*
  2. A screen will appear and at the bottom, you will see “Low Battery Dump” tap to select it
  3. Touch to select “Turn on”
  4. If all of the above solutions do not work on the Galaxy S8+ Plus, take the Galaxy S8+ Plus to the dealer and explain the problem for further check up by the experts.



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