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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus WIFI Issues

WIFI is the most recommended Internet connectivity to the Galaxy S8+ Plus but at some point, it can mean to disappoint you more so when you are a person who loves to chat and hang out on the social media platforms. The users of the Galaxy S8+ Plus also depend on the WIFI connectivity to run and update apps on phone, and if the WIFI connectivity is poor or has issues this will mean that the user will be inconvenienced.


Some of the common problems that have been reported by the users of the Galaxy S8+ Plus include:

  • Inability of users to connect to the internet
  • WIFI connections does not work
  • Poor signal
  • Irregular connections that make the WIFI discontinuous

Each and every issue with the WIFI problem has got it own way of getting solved, in the following explanation you will find several solutions for the problems;


Do something with the WIFI Bugs

WIFI bugs can be the cause of the problems and this is significant when the syncing is very slow and also if the sync is approved it will stop after some time.

  • A temporary solution to this is by switching it off and turning it on again after a short while.
  • If the above process has not solved the issue, switch the phone off or you can restart it.
  • The Bluetooth can also be the cause because WIFI can develop problems when the Bluetooth is enabled.
  • Make sure that the phone software is up to date because updating the software can solve the problems of some common bugs.
  • Locations can also be causing the WIFI issues it is wise to disable it.


Turn off the Airplane Mode

From the home screen swipe downwards and then there will be several options for you to choose from but for this particular issue, go for the airplane mode and then switch it off and bring it on again. By doing this does not mean that you will get a real solution but the problem can occur again.


Switch off WIFI and bring it after a few seconds

Switching off WIFI can give a solution for the problem in a faster way than any other method. You can do this from the settings and then find the WIFI icon and turn it off. Alternatively, you can pull down from the home screen to view the notification bar and turn off WIFI from there.


Restart the Phone

When you restart the phone it may fix the problem to some extent because by virtue of this activity, you will be able to disable the apps and then restart them again. In essence restarting the Galaxy S8+ Plus can solve the WIFI problem.


Restart the Modem

If all the devices receiving WIFI connections are having the same trouble it is imperative to restart it, again to make sure that it is not the one having the problem.


Forget the Particular WIFI network

Forgetting the network basically, means that you have to disconnect the WIFI and start a fresh again from square one.

  1. Go to the Galaxy S8+ Plus settings
  2. Tap on the WIFI icon
  3. Chose your network and tap “Forget”
  4. Restart your phone and reconnect it again
  5. Choose your network again and touch on the “Connections” again and select to input a new password for the WIFI.


Clear Cache of the Galaxy S8+ Plus

The cache of the Galaxy S8+ Plus could be bad and it is important to delete it because it could be the part where affects the performance of the WIFI. To clear the cache of the Galaxy Edge:

  1. Wiping the cache of the Galaxy S8+ Plus can simply be accomplished by switching off the phone.
  2. Long press the power, volume up, and the home buttons at the same time altogether.
  3. Release the power button but continue and again continue to press other buttons together at the same time and allow the Android system screen recovery to come up. This is signified by the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus Logo.
  4. Highlight the wipe cache partition by the use of the volume down button then you select the power key.


At this point, the phone will restart and definitely, its cache will have been cleared. To confirm if the process has offered a solution, you go to the WIFI and try to connect there is a chance that the problem is no longer in you Galaxy S8+ Plus. If the WIFI problem is still there, it is important to make sure that you visit the nearest Samsung outlet for some advice and if the warranty of the phone is still valid this can be replaced.


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