How To Fix Samsung Note 8 And Note 9 Camera Failed Error

The main camera of Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 started, after days, weeks or even months of normal use to display an error and stop working? If you’re getting the message on Note 8 and Note 9 “Warning: Camera Failed” and then you can no longer use the camera app, it can’t be a good thing. And it is particularly concerning as the problem couldn’t be fixed by bringing the phone to its factory settings.

For what it’s worth, you’re not alone in this situation. Other Note 8 and Note 9 users were just as frustrated as you are but many of them have found the fix among our solutions from below. Take some time to discover your options and start testing it.


If you want to fix the Camera Failed problem on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Start with a… restart, you know it’s been reported to help with many other problems, smaller or bigger. So, it could make the camera error on Note 9 and Note 8 go away as well. Simultaneously press the Home and the Power keys for a few seconds, until the device vibrates and turns off.
  2. Continue with a refresh of the camera app’s data and cache. When you clear it all, it’s possible that the camera will return to working as it should. Go to Settings, launch the Application Manager and select the Camera app, to Force Stop >> Clear Data >> Clear Cache. Then, return to the app and see if or how it works.
  3. As a final resort and solution that you can try on your own, after wiping the app cache try to wipe the cache partition, as in the cache memory of the entire system. To clear the cache partition, you’ll first have to go to the Recovery Mode, with a simultaneous press and hold of the Power Off, Volume Up, and Home keys. When you see that the System Recovery Screen is loading, prepare to use the Volume Down key and highlight the option that you came for – Wipe Cache Partition. Start it from the Power key and wait for it to finish.


When nothing works, you don’t need us to tell you that the best way to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 camera error is to contact your retailer. The device should be inspected and, most likely, the conclusion will be that the camera module is damaged and that it requires a replacement.

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