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How To Fix Samsung Note 8 Side Button Not Working (Power Button)

You only have one Power key on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it would better work all the time! When you think it doesn’t work – or, in any case, when you think it doesn’t work as it should – it goes without saying that you must do something about it really fast. How can you recognize that precise moment?

Some of our readers reported that they’ve been pressing the side button of their smartphones like normally without getting the normal response. The buttons may or may not light up – we are talking about the soft keys – but the screen doesn’t wake up. And it doesn’t wake up not even when you have an incoming call… This will leave you to stare at the black screen, clueless on who’s calling you and in the impossibility of answering the call.


When the keys light up but the Note 8 screen stays black it’s troubleshooting time!

Our best guess is that a previously (most likely a recently) installed app is playing you some tricks. And there’s no better way to confirm or to rule out this theory other than by booting into Safe Mode.


Alternatively – like when you’re having the same problems in Safe Mode as well, and you can tell it’s not a rogue app involved – you can try to get back to its factory setting. This will wipe out the problem (and your personal data) but at least it will make the screen turn on.

Do that, start configuring the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone all over again, and get the latest software version for it. The side button not working will miraculously start working!

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