How To Fix SD Card Notification On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung decided to bring back the microSD card with its new Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones and everybody was thrilled. But it didn’t take long for its users to start complaining about some occasional problems with the SD card notification.

Apparently, Samsung’s latest flagship has an annoying habit of bugging users with a message that says something like “SD Card, for transferring photos and media”. Usually, when you see this, you can either choose to explore or to eject the microSD card.

Under normal circumstances, you are supposed to see this message, but only once, after you have inserted a new memory card in your device.

Long story short, it is understandable if you see this notification once or twice, soon after you have made this minor change. But you will easily notice you’re having a problem when the notification will excessively keep popping up without a reason.

You have to fix it, otherwise, it will drive you crazy. Until you do so, you can simply swipe it away (ignoring it or, better said, not taking any of its suggestions into account) – this won’t affect your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone in any way.


Back to the most important aspect, there are a couple of things you can suspect and check in order to troubleshoot the SD card notification issue:

  1. The microSD card may not be properly placed in the card tray;
  2. The microSD card tray itself may not be properly seated inside the device;
  3. The microSD card got broken and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is having problems reading it all the time, so it acts as if you’ve just inserted it every time when it sees it as connected;
  4. Your smartphone is having some hardware problems that are difficult to troubleshoot unless you are an experienced technician.


From where we stand, the alternatives are pretty intuitive with any of these possible malfunctions:

  • You can take out the microSD card and its tray and try to reposition them as well as you can;
  • You can use a different microSD card with your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, just to see if you’re still getting that notification;
  • Or you can take the phone to an authorized service and ask a technician to have a look at it.


Most of the time, the Galaxy S8 Plus device works fine, it’s just a problem with the insertion of the card. But you can never tell for sure until you check it, so make sure you get rid of the problem with any of these simple measures.



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