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How To Fix Slow Camera On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

When you hear so many great things about the camera of your next Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9, you obviously get excited about it. And when you finally receive the phone and start taking pictures with this brand-new technology, you must expect nothing less than quick autofocus and shutter, improved quality even in low light, all in all – a perfect experience. But what if it doesn’t turn out that way?


What if, instead of the entire above, you get a slow camera that it requires way more than you expected to take a simple picture? And that message that tells you should hold the device steady right until it finishes capturing the image… it’s annoying, right?

Well, it’s hard to believe and even harder to calm down, but it may not be the camera’s fault. In any case, there’s nothing wrong with it, but rather a special feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 camera. It’s the Picture Stabilization effect, active by default, designed to give you better pictures. If you don’t like to wait for it, you don’t have to.


Fix the slow performances of Samsung Note 9 camera:

  1. Turn on the phone;
  2. Launch the Camera;
  3. Access the Camera settings;
  4. Tap on Picture Stabilization and turn it off.


By doing so, you make sure that the camera app of Galaxy Note 9 or Note 8 will work, from now on, faster and better. You will be able to take pictures faster and the blurry effect will go away. You’ll enjoy not just clearer, but also brighter photos. In exchange, you’ll have to train your hand to remain steady.

The picture stabilization effect that you have just disabled was intended for night time use, though active by default during the day as well. While it was taking more time to capture a picture, it was also correcting your potential hand tremble. Slowing down your camera app was the price you had to pay. Now that the effect is turned off, you will enjoy a faster Camera on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8, but you’ll have to have a steadier hand, for the sake of your pictures.

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