How To Fix ‘Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped” On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

If by any chance you are facing the ‘Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped’ error on your Samsung Galaxy S8, you should not panic because there is an easy solution to this problem. It is a common thing to experience apps crashing and with the issues you are facing have everything to do with applications.

In many instances, the problem you are facing has something to do with your app files being corrupted. Although this could only be a small gallery app issue, you need to deal with it. Some people have reported similar issues which escalated to complex problems with the firmware if they are not dealt with immediately. Here are the best ways to fix the error which says ‘unfortunately, gallery has stopped’ on your Samsung Galaxy S8;

Clear phone’s gallery app cache and the app data to ensure that you have gotten rid of any caches that were created by the application and which could be responsible for the problem you are facing. Detailed steps on how to achieve this are provided below;

  1. Go to your Homescreen and click on the Apps icon
  2. Click on the Settings
  3. Now tap on the Applications and open the Applications Manager
  4. Scroll either to the right or left to choose All tabs
  5. Then tap on the Force Close button
  6. Proceed by clicking on Storage
  7. From here, Clear the app cache after which you can clear the app Data, Delete


Sometimes the issue is caused by an SD Card you are using. If this is the case, you need to know that the hardware components or contents of the SD Card could be corrupted.

As a result, as you try you delete, copy or open any pictures contained in the card, you end up with the problem mentioned in the error. For this case, you need to remove the SD Card and try to check if the problem still exists.

  • The other solution you could try is booting your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the Safe Mode. If this process does not help to fix the problem, you should at least content in the fact that you are only one further step away from finding the real solution. If this problem does not show up on the Safe Mode, then you can confirm your suspicions that the issue you are facing is caused by third party apps.
  • Try to disable all faulty applications. I know this can be a difficult choice to make but to start off, get rid of all the apps that you recently installed and then proceed to any apps that are related to the Gallery app. As you disable one app after another, there is a high possibility that you will find which app caused the problem in the first place.
  • As your very last alternative, try to hard reset the smartphone if all other options fail to work. This process will return the factory settings on your Galaxy S8 smartphone. Furthermore, you will be able to get rid of any bugs that could be interrupting the normal functioning of your smartphone. Always remember to back up your files and data before proceeding with the hard reset process using this guide to help you.


You can always utilize our troubleshooting guides if you have any further issues or questions about the condition of your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. From here, you will be able to come across similar issues that could be related to what you are facing. Make use of the procedures to fix the problems as we have provided them. If these solutions are not effective, you can always get back to us so we can generate some new solutions for your specific issues.


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