How To Fix “Unfortunately Google Play Service Has Stopped Working” On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

It happens that most times we get the message “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”. Mostly, this message will pop up when you try altering the settings within the Android OS. We will show you a few tips on how you can fix it and make this error disappear forever.

This error message is not always clearly established for you so you have to try out our fixes sequentially. Then we can hope that one of our workarounds will fix your problem with the error “Google Play services has stopped”


Method 1

Clear the cache of Google Play store. To navigate through for instance on a Samsung Galaxy S8 in this sub-menu:

Menu> Settings> Applications> Applications Manager> All then search for the entry “Google Play services”. Touch on it once to display its app information on the screen. In this screen, there is a button with “Clear Cache” option. Touch on this button to clear the cache.

Restart your Galaxy S8 smartphone and you fixed the problem.


Method 2

This is achieved through resetting the application’s preferences. Go to;

Menu> Settings> Applications> Applications Manager> All and touch on the upper right for “More”.in the drop-down menu under “More”, touch on ‘reset app preferences’ and you’re done! Then reboot your device so that the changes you made can take effect.


Method 3

Delete your Google account then add it again. Simply go to the Home screen of your Galaxy S8 and browse for Android settings. Scroll down to find the Accounts entry. All the accounts available on your Samsung Galaxy S8 will display. Touch on the Google account and on the submenu in the 3-dot sign on the upper right. A minute pop-up screen displays with the message “remove account” and select it.

After confirming the deletion of your account, replace the Google account on your Galaxy S8. Open the Settings entry> Accounts then “Add account”. Press on Google account. The Google account set up wizard then pops up. Enter your Google account details and your account will be added automatically.


Method 4

If none of the methods mentioned above seem to help, it is advisable to wipe the cache partition of your smartphone. This will empty the cache of your smartphone.



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