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How To Fix Weak Signal Problem On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Many users of the Galaxy S8 smartphone had reported of signal strength related problems. Some complained of a really weak signal that often disturbed their call progress or having their calls dropped repeatedly altogether.

There was some indication that the problem might be caused by the carrier and especially “Sprint” users. However, it cannot be termed as an absolute conclusion since other users from other carriers also experienced the same weak signal problem.

There are some fixes that could potentially solve your signal problems, one of them being changing your phone’s mobile network settings.

You can change it by going to Settingsà Mobile Networks then press on Network Mode. If you are on Sprint or Verizon, switch to either LTE or CDMA. Some Sprint users found out that when they switched to CDMA, they got better outcomes than when they were connected to LTE. This is normally influenced by specific factors such as upgraded local tower surrounding your place of residence.

If this has happened to you, you can make some notes to Sprint as well so that they may provide you with a better service line or infrastructure to use on your Galaxy S8 comfortably. If you are on other carriers other than Sprint or Verizon, you could try “other options.” If this is the case, you could alternatively try out the following steps instead; go to Settingsà Mobile Networksà Network Mode and switch to “Global” if your carrier is neither of Sprint nor Verizon.

Based on the kind of carriers, this step is normally better for users on other networks other than Sprint or Verizon.






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