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How To Fix Wi-Fi Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus

Some users have reported that there are issues with the Wi-Fi network on Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphones. Common problems encountered on Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone include an automatic switch to mobile data, slow Wi-Fi connection and in some cases the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone tends to forget Wi-Fi networks without command. In the guide provided below, you will find some effective solutions to the Wi-Fi problems on Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Ensure the Wi-Fi connection is off

You should always remember to turn off the Wi-Fi or disabled it because you could be facing Wi-Fi issues as a result of a weak or poor Wi-Fi network you are still connected to. Follow this guide to locate the Wi-Fi settings on Galaxy S8+ Plus;

  1. Switch on your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone
  2. Go to the menu and open the Settings menu
  3. From the Settings menu, open the connections
  4. Select the Wi-Fi connection settings
  5. Tap on the slider to turn Wi-Fi ON/OFF on your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone


How to prevent Galaxy S8+ Plus from automatically switching to Data

Due to the functional setting of your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone, the automatic switch to mobile data is activated basing on the WLAN to the mobile data settings. Samsung designed the smart switch to ensure a stable data connection. This activates the switch from weak or slow Wi-Fi network connections to mobile and the reverse is also true. You will be glad that there is a way to adjust the switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data connection. This will work to fix the Wi-Fi issues on Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. 


Forgetting Wi-Fi networks saved on your Galaxy S8+ Plus

To delete any saved Wi-Fi networks on your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone, simply go to Settings menu and locate the Wi-Fi connection. Browse through for the specific networks you would like to forget on the Galaxy S8+ Plus. Having found the Wi-Fi network, press and hold it to bring up the option to Forget the network. You may also see the modify option. This modify option allow you to make changes to the saved passwords.

  1. Power on your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone
  2. Swipe from top to down on your screen to access the notification panel.
  3. From the notifications panel, choose to go to the settings menu.
  4. Browse through to locate the section for Network connections and click on Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Turn Wi-Fi on if it is off by tapping on the ON/OFF switch.
  6. Choose the desired Wi-Fi network that you would like to forget.


Once, this is done, the forgotten Network will no longer be saved on your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone.


Fix Wi-Fi problems by disabling the smart switch

  1. Turn on the S8+ Plus Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  2. Enable mobile data connection on your Galaxy S8+ Plus.
  3. With mobile data connection enabled, proceed to the Menu> Settings >Wireless.
  4. At the top of the interface, the option for “Smart network switch” should be easily identifiable.
  5. To get a network connection that is not stable, uncheck the smart network switch. Make sure that the router is still upright.


When this is done, your Galaxy S8 will not automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data connection.


Fixing a slow Wi-Fi connection on Galaxy S8+ Plus

Sometimes the speed of the Wi-Fi connection could be frustratingly too slow. This will be experienced often when using apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp and as a result the icons as well as pictures will appear gray. Moreover, the pictures may fail to completely show up or take too long to load. A strong Wi-Fi connection with a slow speed can be quite frustrating but you can easily fix this using the guide provided below on your Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Fixing low speed Wi-Fi connection;

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus
  2. Hold down the Power button, Home key and the Volume Up button simultaneously.
  3. After a few seconds, your Galaxy S8+ Plus should vibrate just once to indicate that you have entered the recovery mode.
  4. Locate the “wipe cache partition” option and launch it
  5. The process will only take a few seconds to complete. Once complete, you can restart your Galaxy S8+ Plus by making use of the “reboot system now”


Seek Technical Support to fix Wi-Fi issues

In some rare cases, you may try all the solutions but still the Wi-Fi connection remain an issue to be solved. If this happens to be case, it is recommended to seek technical support. Take the smartphone to any Samsung technicians close to you and have them check it out for damages. If any defects are detected by the technician, you can have your phone repaired or replaced depending on the severity of the damage.


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