How To Force Reboot Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The forced reboot is not necessarily the smoothest option of handling your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 problems, but it can certainly be one of the most effective measures. If the device is unresponsive or you’re just not pleased with how it works, suffices to bring it to the factory default mode.

Usually, there are two main situations when you could be forced to perform this kind of reboot. One of them is when the device is completely unresponsive and you can no longer access its screen and manually tap into its Settings. And the other one is when the problem manifests randomly and you do afford to back up all our data first and then reset the device. For this reason, we are going to offer you two different sets of instructions. You’ll be able to choose whatever works best for your situation.


To force reboot the Galaxy Note 8 from its settings…

  1. Unlock the device;
  2. Go to the Home screen and, from there, to the main menu;
  3. Select the Settings;
  4. Select the Backup & Reset option;
  5. Back up your most important files;
  6. Reset the device;
  7. Select Erase Everything to confirm the action.


To force reboot the Galaxy Note 8 from its buttons…

  1. Turn off the phone;
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up key, the Home key, and the Power key;
  3. When you see the Samsung logo, you can let go of the buttons;
  4. Once you’ve accessed the Recovery Mode, use the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option – select it with the Volume Down key;
  5. Use the Power button to activate it;
  6. Use the “Yes – delete all user data” and confirm the action;
  7. When it finishes, select Reboot System Now.


That’s all for now – with these two separate methods, you can force reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in no time.

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