How To Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Note 9 To Read Text

The Text-to-Speech option is one of the coolest things that an intelligent phone can do. While it has become a more and more accessible feature, there are still many devices out there that would require installing the Text-to-Speech app from a store with third-party applications, in order to use it. Not your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9, of course!

This smartphone comes with a built-in feature that requires no use of the Google Play Store. Before you rush into using this special feature of the Note 8 and Note 9, we’d like to make one important observation. Rather than having the phone to read you books or to speak translations, you might want to consider this option of vocal assistance while driving.

So, not a tool for the visually impaired Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 users, the Text-to-Speech could easily reproduce, in real time, whatever is happening on its screen. An essential help when you must stay focused on the road, as you can imagine. Plus, you should consider the tremendous benefit of having it read to you in many other languages than English!


To make the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 read texts:

  1. Activate the Text-to-Speech feature and check its options:
    • Go to the System menu from the General Settings;
    • Select the Language and Input submenu;
    • Access the Speech section;
    • Tap the Text-to-Speech option;
    • Select one of the two TTS engines listed in there (Samsung or Google);
    • Tap on the Settings icon next to your preferred TTS engine;
  2. Install the Voice Data and select your language:
    • From under the newly accessed Settings section, tap the Install Voice Data option;
    • Tap the Download button;
    • Wait until the language is downloaded;
    • Return to select a language with the Back Key;
  3. Turn on the S Voice and the Driving Mode:
    • Leave all of the above settings;
    • Back on the Home screen, launch the Apps;
    • Select S Voice;
    • Hit the Recent Apps key;
    • Tap on Set Driving Mode On.


Now you’re free to drive and have your Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 assisting you all the way. When you’ve stopped, suffices to use the Recent Apps key once again and disable the driving mode.

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