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How To Hide Files On Samsung Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users who try to hide things on their smartphones usually think no further than to the private navigation. But the truth is that, just like you have a button that you tap and you go incognito, you also have another button that you tap and you can hide things in plain sight.

The Private Mode is the easiest, most convenient, and readily available option to hide files on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. That’s because you don’t have to download anything in order to use it and you can directly access it with one tap. You use one tap and a password to turn it on, you easily move files to a protected folder, and you use another tap to turn it off. Once you do all that, whatever you have moved to that folder disappears from the visible documents of your phone. But it’s still there, ready to be accessed by anyone inspired to use the Private Mode and, of course, who knows your private unlock code!


The first time you set up the Private Mode on Note 8…

  1. You have to access the extended list of options by swiping with two fingers from the top of the screen;
  2. In there, select the Private Mode and set up your preferred password – a pin or a pattern or whatever you decide for;
  3. Have a little patience and go through the introductory presentation;
  4. When it’s done, you can start adding or removing files.


To configure the Private Mode folder on your Note 8…

  1. Follow the exact steps from the first section and enable the Private Mode;
  2. Use your unlock code to access it;
  3. Go to the photo – or, as suggested, to any other file that you want to hide – and select it;
  4. Use the Overflow menu, which will show up after the selection, right at the upper right area of the screen;
  5. Use the Move to Private option listed in there;
  6. Repeat the selection and move any other file(s) you want to protect.


When you’re done, disable the Private Mode on Note 8:

  1. Use, once again, two fingers to swipe from the top of the screen;
  2. From the list of options, identify and tap on the Private Mode;
  3. You’ll switch back to the normal running mode without exception.


Now go check and confirm yourself that the files that you moved are hidden from the normal running mode. Keep on using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Private Mode!

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