How To Hide Lock Screen Notifications On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Samsung developed the screen lock feature to helps users to quickly view their messages without necessarily having to unlock their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. However, the preview messages feature can be less helpful but more harmful hence the need by others to disable it. This is usually the case when you do not want other people to look at your messages on your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone.

For those of us who do not want to see the preview message notifications on your lock screens or on the status bar, we have an effective procedure of disabling this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ Plus.

Below is a guide on how to disable the Preview Messages on your Samsung Galaxy S8 lock screen as well as the Notifications bar.


Enabling and Disabling the Preview Message Feature

  1. Switch on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus
  2. From the Menu select the Settings option
  3. Now choose to open Application and select Messages
  4. From here simply click on Notifications
  5. Locate a section designated as Preview Messages
  6. You should be able to see two boxes. One of these is Lock Screen while the other is for Status Bar.
  7. Just uncheck the two boxes where you no longer want the preview message to show up.


The best way to keep your messages and notifications private is by disabling the preview message feature since your messages could contain sensitive information. Once you are through with unchecking the boxes, all you have to do the next time you want to enable the preview message feature is recheck the boxes.


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