How To Hide Number On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Galaxy S9 Plus & Galaxy S9’s caller identification is both quality and an aspect of the gadget. In case you have been called by people who their mobile numbers were not shown on the screen, you should already be aware that an option is available for to conceal your caller identity when starting a call. If you want to know how to hide number on Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, read below.


Seven easy steps to follow to hide number on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus & Galaxy S9

  1. Head to your gadget’s home screen
  2. Click on phone
  3. Choose More
  4. Access preferences (settings)
  5. Go to more preferences (settings)
  6. Identify & click on the option for Display Caller Identity (ID)
  7. Hit on Number


The above are the overall preferences for hiding phone number on Galaxy S9 Plus and GalaxyS9 smartphone. Bear in mind that they depend on the network.


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What if Galaxy S9 Plus and also Galaxy S9 doesn’t show caller identity?

Here is the answer.

Unidentified caller identity on Galaxy S9 Plus & Galaxy S9 is an aspect that anybody may utilize. When it is active, the called individual will only to get a message such as “private number” or “unknown” on the screen rather than the real number with the mobile number being hidden.

You may initiate a caller identity obstructed call from your Galaxy S9 Plus or Galaxy S9 phone by starting the device application. At the upper right end of the app on your phone display, you will find a menu tagged as” MORE.” A list of choices will pop up on your screen.

Choose the preferences choice; you will get relayed to a different display. Once you are there, find the other preferences section. Someplace beneath the part, there is an entry marked, your mobile number. Choose it & you will have three choices:

  1. Conceal Number
  2. System Standard
  3. Reveal Number


Once you choose Conceal Number, this preference will be sent spontaneously to your mobile operator in uninterrupted connection. Therefore, you’ll be able to hide phone number on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus in all your upcoming calls. This is till you go back to the preferences and choose the reveal number choice.


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