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How To Make Samsung Note 8 Home Button Work Again

We get to hear this question on numerous occasions. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users write us asking how to make the touch buttons work again. Every time, we ask them – what is it about those buttons that makes you think they don’t work? The answer is quite predictable because the touch buttons that should light up with each tap can rarely get broken. So, the majority of these users have noticed that the light no longer turns on when they tap on it and they simply assume it no longer works.

Needless to say, as long as the keys take you to the pages or the settings they are supposed to take you, it means that they work. Regardless of whether they light up or not. And quite often, if you take the device to a darker place, you might notice that the light is actually present, but in places with too much brightness that light becomes barely visible.


Of course, we’re not trying to suggest that your question of how to make the Note 8’s Home button work again isn’t entitled. Because there are instances when the keys no longer light up even though they are perfectly functional. This isn’t a serious fault, it is merely a matter of proper settings.

That’s right, you even have some settings for the touch buttons and their light. Whether it was intentionally disabled or the device entered the energy saving mode and it automatically cut off this light, you can fix it. Below, you have the instructions for doing so.


To fix the touch key light not working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8…

  1. Go to the Notification Bar;
  2. Tap the gear icon to access the Settings;
  3. Tap on Quick Settings;
  4. Select the Power Saving option;
  5. Select the Power Saving mode;
  6. Head to Restrict Performance;
  7. Find the option “Turn off touch key light” and uncheck it.


That’s it, you have reactivated the light feature. From now on, the two touch keys of your Galaxy Note 8 device will light up and work as they usually do!

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