How To Move App Icons On Samsung Note 8

It doesn’t take much practice to realize that owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can tempt you to try all kinds of things. By “things” we obviously mean new apps and widgets that you already have installed on the device, from the factory, and that you want to bring closer, to the Home Screen. Before you know it, the main screen will be too crowded to be able to find anything on it and you will still need extra space to add other shortcuts. Whenever you conclude that you need to do some cleanup, add, and rearrange whatever you have in there, follow the steps presented below!


When you feel the need to add or just to adjust the Home screen widgets…

  1. Unlock the smartphone;
  2. Go to the Home screen and pick an empty area;
  3. Press and hold down on that area until the Edit screen launches;
  4. From there, select the Widgets icon;
  5. Select the widget you want to add to the Home screen, from the list that will extend;
  6. Then, press and hold on the icon that just appeared on the Home screen to change its position or to customize its general settings.


When you want to rearrange some apps…

  1. Go and select that particular app that you want to change;
  2. Press and hold it, after which you can move it and release it anywhere you want it to be;
  3. Only release it at the new location.


As you can see, all these are very straightforward steps that allow you to handle both widgets and apps. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can look exactly as you want it to look and rearranging your icons is one of the simplest things to do!

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