How To Never Save History On Samsung Note 8 (Solution)

When you know you’ve found a cool website but you can’t remember it, the history of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 internet browsing comes in handy. But when you’ve been through places that you prefer to keep private and your partner or someone else takes a peek at your search queries and viewing history, you are no longer comfortable with it, right?


Well, this habit that Google has of tracking all your moves and saving so many details can be easily paused by searching only via the Private Mode. It’s a feature that some internet browsers – like Dolphin Zero – have it active by default and other internet browsers would require you to manually activate it.

Both your Android built-in internet browsing app and Google Chrome, one of the most popular Samsung Note 8 browsers, require the second option. Of course, when you turn the Private Mode on you instruct the phone to never save history, passwords, search queries etc. The only thing left will be the cookies and the Incognito Tab is not difficult at all to access.


If you want to turn on the Private Mode on your Note 8 browser…

  1. Launch the internet app;
  2. Access its general Settings – usually from the 3-dot icon;
  3. And find the option labeled as New Incognito Tab;
  4. Once you select it, the screen should turn black and you should receive a pop-up as a notification of what you’re doing.


If you don’t like your Galaxy Note 8 browser and its privacy settings…

As already suggested, you can always search the Play Store for other browsers. It’s not just the previously mentioned Dolphin Zero or Opera that you have at hand. You’ll see, the selection is quite generous and you’re free to try any option to never save history on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 again!

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