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How To Power Galaxy S8 With Broken Power Button

Some Galaxy S8 users have reported of a broken Power button issue after using their devices for a while. This means that it becomes an almost impossible task trying to Power your device ON. So the only question that comes to mind is, just how do I power ON my Samsung Galaxy S8 with a defective Power key?

It might just be easier that you anticipated. If you happen to have damaged your Power key, read our step-by-step guidelines below to know how to switch ON your Galaxy S8 ON without the Power key. Follow the same procedure if you otherwise own a Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Turning ON Galaxy S8 without the Power button

  • Switch OFF your Galaxy S8
  • Press and hold the volume key for a while
  • Hold still the Volume key and connect your Galaxy S8 to a PC using a USB cable.
  • Wait for your device to start the Download mode
  • Hit the Volume rocker key to cancel the operation
  • Your Galaxy reboots automatically after the cancellation of the operation


Your Samsung Galaxy S8 should successfully boot without you having to use the Power key.


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