How To Prevent Screen Turning On In Pocket For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone comes equipped with a new Always-On Display feature that users instantly fall in love with. What this means is that crucial information such as time, calendar and notifications are always displayed on the screen. However, when the device is in your pocket or purse, this feature makes little sense.

We have all encountered some frustrating scenarios whereby you place a phone in your pocket only to find it acting on its own. Additionally, many are the times when the screen of your Galaxy S8 will turn OFF on its own in the dark when you desperately need to check your notifications or the time.

However, Samsung has come up with a very useful software tool for its latest flagship smartphones that intends to making this issue a thing of the past. To learn how you can prevent your screen from turning black at the most crucial time, follow the procedure below.


Preventing your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus from turning On in your pocket:

  1. Go to the notifications panel or the app drawer and press on Settings
  2. Hit display
  3. Browse for the option “Keep screen turned OFF”


That is everything you are required to do. This will consequently turn OFF the screen when the phone is in your pocket, in case you accidentally press a button. You should however know that this function also turns OFF the phone by mistake at times so if you have experienced that, then you could consider disabling it.


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