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How To Record Time Lapse Videos On Samsung Note 8

Every minute the social media marketing techniques are emerging with innovation and technology. Recently the most innovative ways discovered where you can record a time lapse video to express your views personally and professionally. Paralleling with the trend galaxy 8 and galaxy 8 plus introduced a feature that allows you to create time lapse without any intervention of third party app and wish to work with Samsung in-house features.

The feature creating hype in the market has increased the visibility of the product and has been much appreciated by various demographic groups. The feature is called as Hyperlapse.

This is an inbuilt feature that can be activated just by modifying camera mode to a filming mode. The recording is very crisp and clear and as Samsung, being the industry leader knows what their audience might ask for in addition to this hype lapse. It is

Probably the best way is to think of any time lapse video feature on any top listed social media platform where speed is one of the basic settings that make the time-lapse video very effective and attractive. Hence, no surprises here, while turning on the filming mode we need to change the speed from auto to different dimensions like 4x or 16X etc.

Hence before switching from camera to filming mode makes sure the above adjustments are taken care of. You can follow the steps ahead:

  1. From the Note 8 home screen navigate to camera app.
  2. If your camera is in landscape mode, change it to portrait mode.
  3. Tap on mode from the menu appearing at the bottom left corner
  4. With various camera mode, available in next menu select hyper-lapse.
  5. Finally, you can select the speed of the video it can be 4x, 8x, 16x or 32x depending upon.
  6. Here you go, tap on record button as soon as you are ready to give you best shot and share your views, emotions and other information.


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