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How To Recover Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Messages

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus users have always been asking if it is possible to recover messages that either has been lost or have been deleted by mistake or intentionally. There could good reasons as to why you have deleted the messages, some of the people delete messages but later on they realize that they still need them and have had difficulties in retrieving the messages back.

It is possible to recover texts from the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8. Samsung has a tool for the recovery of lost text messages known as the Samsung Android recovery tool which not only has the abilities to recover texts but also any other data like the photos, videos, and social media chat history. Below is a simple procedure to retrieve your lost messages back in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.


How to recover lost Messages in the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8

  1. Connect the Smartphone to a PC
  2. On the Galaxy S8+ Plus, enable the USB debugging
  3. Scan and analyze data from the Android system in the Galaxy S8+ Plus
  4. Scroll to select which message to recover from the android device


Android data recovery is a perfect tool that not only recovers messages but also it can recover the lost contacts. The same procedure as above applies, but it is the perfect tool for the work. It supports all the devices of the android operating system.


How to restore Deleted Contacts in the Galaxy S8+ Plus

This can be done by the use of a software called Android Data Recovery . It is one of the recommended tools to recover the lost contacts in Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8

Connect the device to a computer via a USB and download “Dr. Phone” software and launch it then you begin to run in the android.


How to Restore Deleted Contacts from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

The following steps will enable you to complete of contact Restoration into the Galaxy S8+ Plus

  1. Go to the USB Debugging
  2. Enable the USB debugging to be sure that the program has detected the Galaxy S8 and this can differ from the type of device that you are using.



Complete USB Debugging and analyze the Smartphone

After enabling USB debugging then the program will begin to analyze data and information in the device and you have to tap “Next” button after it has identified the phone. This process will not be complete if the battery level is low because it consumes power at a very high rate, so is vital that the battery is fully charged. A simple way to do this is when your device is rooted; you will only be required to follow the procedure to allow authorization by the program.


Select Contacts

Scroll to find the “Contacts” icon then you have to tap on “Next” and the select on the scan mode and you will have two options that are, “Scan for Deleted Files” and “Scan for all Files” this is dictated by what you want. On the lower right side of the screen, you will see a button for “Start” tap on it to initiate the process.


Preview and Recover Contacts from the Galaxy S8+ Plus

This procedure will lead you to the lost contacts and you will be able to see them each. You will be able to see on top of the display “Only Display Deleted Contacts” Tap on every contact that you want to recover and once you are done then, you have to end the process by clicking “Recover”. From here you will have recovered all the contacts that you had lost on the Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8 Smartphone.


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