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How To Remove An Account On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Take a look at the guide on learning how you can remove an account that has been added on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Accounts that are able to be removed are things such as GoPro, Office, Google, Samsung account, WhatsApp, and others.

You need to go to the App menu, then go to the Settings, then go to the accounts.

  1. Click on specified account that you need to get rid of on the Samsung Galaxy S8.
  2. Click the More option that is located towards the right side next to the sub menu of the Android.
  3. You will then notice the Remove Account when the pop up menu opens up.
  4. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the account officially deleted.


Your Samsung Galaxy S8 will no longer be linked with the account. You will officially know you can delete an account on your Samsung Galaxy S8.



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