How To Remove And Delete Star Contacts On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Favorite List is a custom list of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 agenda, displayed within the Phone App right at the top of the list. If you add a person to that list, you will be able to access its contact details, to edit the information associated with that profile, or to make a fast call without having to scroll through the entire agenda.


A contact that was added to the Favorite List is also referred to as a starred contact. The name comes from the option of adding it to the list by simply tapping the star symbol displayed on that contact’s profile page. Truth to be told, the little star symbol works for both adding and removing a person from the list. It’s the answer to all the questions of how to add and how to remove/delete star contacts on Galaxy Note 8. The same old strategy as with all the other Android devices.

But just in case you need a reminder, let us show you how you can easily clean up your Favorite List. Those people aren’t listed in any other way than alphabetically and, if you had this tendency to star too many contacts, you might have noticed that browsing through the Favorite List has become comparably difficult to browsing through the general Contacts List.


To delete and remove a Star Favorite contact in Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Turn on your phone and launch the Phone app;
  2. Go to Contacts;
  3. Browse through and select the contact you want to remove from the list;
  4. Once you’ve accessed the contact details, look at the star colored in yellow, located on the right side of the screen;
  5. Tap on it – the star will become transparent and the contact will be automatically removed from the Favorite List.


As suggested above, if you have accidentally removed a contact or you have just changed your mind about deleting that star favorite contact from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, all you have to do to get it back on the list is to tap the star and make it yellow again.

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