How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 And Note 8

Isn’t it exciting to move all your data to a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9? The device, with all its great features, makes you anticipate an unrivaled experience. Of course, your enthusiasm can go down the drain the moment you import your SIM card contacts and you realize that your agenda is now full of duplicate contacts on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8. It’s not pleasant at all, we feel you, but still, there’s no reason to freak out. Read on and find our methods to clean up contact list on Note 9 and Note 98 without having to pay a dime to the so-called expert apps that promise to do it for you.

The problem is not just simple to solve, but also simple to understand. What caused you this trouble is precisely the ability of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 to take in more than one email account at a time. When you connect multiple accounts, you discover that all their contacts are saved on the phone, hence all the mingle and the mess. But don’t worry, just like we said before, you can clean up your email list.


Method #1:

  1. Use the built-in cleanup contacts tool known as Link Contacts;
  2. Turn on the phone and launch the Contacts app;
  3. Access the menu from the three-dots icon at the upper right corner;
  4. Select Link Contacts;
  5. Select your preferred filter in the next window – name, email address, contact number etc;
  6. Start tapping on the contacts that you want to link;
  7. Hit the Done button when you’ve finished removing the duplicate contacts.


Method #2:

  1. Return to the Contacts app;
  2. This time, browse directly through your list of duplicate contacts on Note 9 and Note 8;
  3. Select the first entry;
  4. Tap on the link icon from the right side of the “Connected via” label;
  5. Select Link another contact;
  6. Select that other entry you want to merge with the first one;
  7. Tap back and repeat.


It’s not difficult, but it can take time. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 will return to a clean and clear agenda, with a little bit of effort but, just like we said, without you having to pay for any outside help. One thing that we could suggest you is to try using a computer if you feel like there is too much information. Your Gmail account is just as good to edit your contacts in there, something you can do straight from your smartphone or, as suggested, from a PC.

Go on and test our methods presented above. As you start taking all those steps one by one, you’ll see that it is actually intuitive. Let us know if something interferes or how easy it was for you to remove the duplicate contacts on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8!

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