How To Remove Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Flipboard Briefing

The Flipboard Briefing as you know it from your Galaxy S8 smartphone is an older project of Samsung. Introduced ever since the Galaxy S5 devices, though, back then, it was called My Magazine, this feature allows users to collect news from various sources and have them sorted on a dedicated panel of the Home screen. A sort of custom magazine where you get to choose what kind of topics you’re interested in and receive constant, personalized updates.

By default, the comes as an entire panel, placed at the left of the main Home screen panel. Many people don’t really need it, think that it consumes the battery without a purpose, and even would prefer having it as a widget news app instead of a screen app. By the way, the Briefing can be accessed through a dedicated widget as well, but not too many users are aware of it.


Long story short, the Flipboard Briefing is not a practical feature at all because:

  1. It occupies too much space;
  2. Users are not really aware of how to personalize the sources of the news displayed in here;
  3. Many would even access it by mistake, when trying to swipe from one panel to another, and they feel annoyed of constantly bumping into it;
  4. Most people either rely on other news apps or they just don’t take their information from news apps at all, preferring social networks and other communication channels;
  5. The majority of users are simply annoyed by the fact that Samsung is, once again, forcing their hand to use a particular feature by making it a default option.


No matter of your reasons, if you just want to clear that left panel and have more to say on how your Home screen panels are occupied, the solution for getting rid of the Flipboard Briefing is rather straightforward:

  • Access the Screen Edit mode;
    • Go to the Home screen;
    • Identify an empty spot;
    • Long press on it until the Screen Edit mode launches;
  • Access the Flipboard Briefing panel;
    • Within the Screen Edit mode, swipe from left to write;
    • The display should move and take you to the Flipboard Briefing panel, the one from the left of the central screen;
  • Disable the Flipboard Briefing;
    • Look at the top right corner of the screen;
    • You will see a small controller colored in blue;
    • Tap on it to switch its status;
    • As soon as the controller turns gray, you can tell that you have disabled the feature.


So simple and intuitive, once you’ve gotten the chance to do it for the first time. From now on, you can always get back here and turn the Briefing On or Off, upon your desire. Speaking of which, what’s its status right now? Are you one of those who are completely against this harmless news app or you’re rather more tolerant and you’re looking to know your options, without planning to get rid of it right away?


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