How To Reveal Battery Percentage On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Unless your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus is running on a new Android version of operating system or you’ve already run a custom ROM, chances are you don’t have this luxury… You look at the Status Bar of the device, you see all kinds of notifications, but the battery percentage isn’t there.

Before you start drooling over the custom ROMs option of displaying a circle with a percentage inside of it as a battery indicator, let us show you all your options. The Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus isn’t displaying the battery percentage on the Home Screen by default!

That doesn’t mean you can’t change the default settings currently in place, because we’re here to prove you the opposite. In other words, if you want to reveal the battery percentage, so you can know what’s left out of it and for how long you can count on it, there is another way for you to try out. Stick with us for a few minutes and you’ll be surprised to realize how easy it is to get what you really want. Speaking of which…


Want to permanently see the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus’s battery percentage in the Status Bar?

  1. Go at the top of the screen and swipe down the Notification Shade;
  2. Select the small gear icon from the upper-right corner, the one that will extend the General Settings of the device;
  3. Look for the Battery menu and tap it;
  4. Go through all the battery-related options until you find the one labeled as Show Battery Percentage;
  5. Tap the toggle sitting next to the Show Battery Percentage option, switching it from Off to On;
  6. After enabling this feature, you can leave the settings directly and take a look at the Status Bar, where the percentage of the remaining battery should already be visible.


You’ve seen how to do it, you’ve probably already put it into practice, but now you’ll have to decide if you really want to keep it on. Revealing the battery percentage on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will take up even more space from the already cluttered Status Bar.

Is this something you cannot live without? Then keep it! But if it isn’t… follow the steps from above one more time and switch the toggle from On back to Off. For further questions, as always, feel free to message us anytime!

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