How To Screenshot On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

If you’re curious to know how you can screenshot a page of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9, would it help you to find out that it works the same as with all the other previous models? Maybe yes or maybe not, but we prefer to keep our readers in the loop, offering them updated information for every single device. Whether you have forgotten or you never knew how to do it, you will find out in less than two minutes. Read the following and the instructions should be more than clear!


To take a screenshot on Samsung Note 9 and Note 8:

  1. Decide what window or page you want to screenshot;
  2. Navigate to that page and make sure the desired information is displayed on the full screen;
  3. When you’re ready for action, press and hold the Home and the Power Off keys at the same time;
  4. It won’t be long until you’ll hear a short shutter noise;
  5. You should also see a short flash on the screen;
  6. The screen will display a drop-down notification, within the Notification tray, for confirmation;
  7. And if you want, you can use that notification to directly access the screenshot that you just took;
  8. Alternatively, you can ignore the drop-down message and take another screenshot – the photos will be available in the Gallery whenever you decide to check on it.


The process can’t get any simpler than tapping and holding these two keys. It is also very fast and very flexible, as you can verify the pictures right then or later on. That’s pretty much everything we had to share with you on how to screenshot on Note 9 and Note 8. Now go and practice!

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