How To Set, Edit And Delete Alarm Clock On Samsung Note 9 And Note 8

It takes opening and exploring the Alarm app of your Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 to notice how complex it really is. Featuring many other options than the traditional alarm clock, it gives you reminders, time trackers, and even a stopwatch option, all of them accessible with just a few taps. But then again, the most complex part of it all will remain the alarm with its configuration and snooze options. Read on to see how many things you can actually personalize when it comes to creating an alarm entry from scratch:


Launch the Clock app and tap on the Create option:

  1. Set the Time, from the up/down arrows;
  2. Set the AM/PM display pattern;
  3. Set the days when you want it to repeat or just check the “Repeat weekly box”;
  4. Set the alarm type – Sound / Vibration / Sound & Vibration;
  5. Set the ringtone – select a sound file from the list of predefined options;
  6. Set the ring volume – just drag the slider right / left to increase / decrease the volume;
  7. Set the alarm name – just type a name that you want to be displayed on the screen when the alarm triggers;
  8. Set the Snooze feature:
    • Use the On / Off toggle to activate it;
    • Use the INTERVAL feature to decide at how many minutes to repeat (3, 6, 10, 16, or 30 minutes);
    • Use the REPEAT feature to decide how many times to repeat (1, 2, 3, 6, or 10 times).


To turn off an alarm, use the red symbol:

So, the time to wake up has come, the alarm triggered, and the ringtone makes you jump out of bed. How do you make it stop? It’s simple, you look at the display and identify the “X” red symbol. You select it and hold it, dragging it right or left. Letting go of the sign will stop the alarm ringtone.


To postpone an alarm, use the Snooze feature:

Have you activated the Snooze option from the settings of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Note 9 alarm app? Then, it means that the first time when your alarm will ring you will be able to postpone it. Just look on the screen of the phone, for that “ZZ” yellow sign. Tap, hold and drag it in any direction comfortable to you. When you let go of the sign, the alarm will stop and turn back on, according to your previous Snooze settings.


To delete an alarm, return to its menu:

This action requires going behind the default window of the alarm, the one you get to see when you launch the alarm app. From the list of currently set alarms, find the one that you want to eliminate. Select it and long press on it, until you notice that the selection activated and the DELETE option showed up at the upper right corner. Hit that button and the alarm will disappear from the list.


Bear in mind that when you remove an alarm from Samsung Note 9 and Note 8, it will no longer be visible or accessible. Enjoying the same settings will require you to create it from scratch, using the options presented earlier in this tutorial. If you are simply looking to dismiss an alarm – not to delete it! – you will only have to touch the Clock symbol next to it and make the right edits in there.

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