How To Set Favorite Contacts On Note 8 And Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 smartphone has various incredible features in which being able to favorite a contact that you wish to discover his or her information and get to it quickly is one of them. Once you favorite a contact, it tends to be very easy when you are searching for the contact making your smartphone more efficient.

Reading this article, you would learn how to create favorites and also how to include or remove some people from your favorite list on your Samsung Note 8 or Note 9. Below are the steps you need to follow:


Starring Your Favorite Contacts on Note 8 and Note 9

  1. Ensure that your smartphone is turned on.
  2. Scroll to the “Phone” application.
  3. Go to the “Contacts” section.
  4. You can star or favorite whichever contact you wish to by selecting them.
  5. From the red circle, tap on the “star”


You are able to select whichever contact on your Note 8 or Note 9 in which you wish to create a favorite on your contact list. You just need to find the star after the information on the particular individual appears. The individual that you chose will be added to your favorites immediately you tap on the star.

Notwithstanding, you won’t have the capacity to arrange your favorites as you wish because they would be arranged automatically in alphabetical order on your Note 8 or Note 9. Also, just in case you want a contact off your favorite list, that could be done by unmarking the star from that person or you could just simply delete the person from your favorite list.

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