How To Set Personal Ringtones On Samsung Note 8

When you receive the suggestion of personalizing the ringtones on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8… What do you have in mind? For some users, hearing the song of their first dance with their partner whenever the loved one calls is very romantic. Others find more satisfaction in hearing songs like Don’t Stop Me Now whenever they get a call from work. And these are just two simple examples of what people understand through setting personal and personalized ringtones… As long as you can download and access a favorite song on your smartphone, you too can make it a custom ringtone, for the incoming calls or even for the alarm!


To set your favorite ringtones on the Galaxy Note 8…

You have the Samsung’s TouchWiz technology at your disposal. Adding new ringtones from the list of default options or creating custom ringtones is just as convenient and easy. Below, we will show you how to adjust the ringtone of the incoming calls for a particular contact. But you can rely on the same principles to do it for the ringtones of your incoming text messages or even for the reminders of the device.


  1. Turn on your phone;
  2. Launch the Dialer app;
  3. Go to Contacts;
  4. Browse the list of contacts/recent calls and pick the one you want to edit;
  5. Tap the pen-shaped icon next to the contact’s name;
  6. Select Ringtone;
  7. Go through the popup list with predefined songs;
  8. Use the Add button if don’t like anything in there and you want to try something else…


These were the simple instructions on how to set custom ringtones for a contact in your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 agenda. We only suggested it so far, but the main point of manually personalizing these individual ringtones is to give you more flexibility. Unless you change the ringtone on the entire phone, the above steps apply to one contact and one custom ringtone that you have selected. You’ll have to repeat it for other contacts and select other songs. That’s the point of personalizing the device and knowing who’s calling without ever again having to look at its display!

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