How To Share Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus Wi-Fi Connection

Almost any Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus user out there heard about the mobile hotspot tethering or Wi-Fi tethering option. The number of those who heard of the Wi-Fi connection sharing on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, however, is significantly smaller…

From now on, you will be privileged enough to know that you too, as a Samsung Galaxy S9 owner, have access to a lot more than letting someone connect to your mobile data with another device. You must simply learn how to activate and use this option of sharing the Wi-Fi connection with literally any other device out there that can pick up a Wi-Fi signal.

Think of another Android phone or a tablet, a laptop or even a PC! Any device that supports the wireless connectivity will be able to use your phone’s Wi-Fi for internet access. And contrary to what others might believe, it’s not plain mobile tethering!

Through this process, your smartphone will act as a Wi-Fi repeater or extender. Consequently, it will give this device access to a stronger connection. So, if you are using a Wi-Fi signal on the Galaxy S9, the phone is smart enough to pick it up and send it further away to other devices. And those devices will also pick it up, without even having to know the network login credentials!

Are you back to some place where you’ve previously used the Wi-Fi and have it memorized on your smartphone? Want to have wireless internet on your tablet as well but can’t remember how to connect to the network? Simply use your smartphone to share the Wi-Fi connection with your tablet!


To share Wi-Fi connection from Galaxy S9 with other users…

  1. Swipe down, from the top of the screen towards the bottom, using one finger;
  2. As the Notification Panel extends, look at the upper-right corner for the Settings icon and select it;
  3. From the list of settings categories, pick the one that says “Mobile hotspot and tethering”;
  4. Tap on it and next, tap on the More button;
  5. Finally, you should be able to spot the Wi-Fi sharing option and activate it.


The process is simple, no doubt about that, but the problem is that it comes with certain limitations. Strictly speaking, you can share the Wi-Fi connection only from devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Who knows, maybe, later on, the manufacturer will decide to extend it to other models as well.

Until then, however, you know how to share your Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi connection and that’s pretty much all you can do about it. Of course, if there’s anything else we can do to help you out, on this topic or something similar that you have recently discovered about your new S9, drop us a note in the comments!

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