How To Share Location In Viber On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

When we chat a lot from our mobile phones, we might often need to share a specific location with someone. How do you do it? Do you open a Google map and pin the location on it, then try to share it through the chat app? Viber can make it a lot easier for you while sparing you, at the same time, from sharing your location with your chat buddies when you actually prefer to keep it private on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. There’s a special toggle button that can adjust all these location settings, you know?


First, choose the contact you want to share your location with

You cannot do it without actually enabling this option first on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. To get there, you will need to launch the conversation window with that particular contact on Viber. So, you launch the app and tap on the phone symbol within the chat box. In the newly launched chat session, you tap the chat username to open the conversation window. That’s when you can also use the handy Share Location on Viber feature.


Then, enable the location sharing

Enabling the location sharing on Viber will allow your chat buddies to see your exact location from where you’re texting, with every new text line that you’re sending to them. The gray arrowhead icon from the right side of the texting field is an indicator that you currently have the location disabled on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. The moment you adjust this setting, sending the message will be accompanied by the transformation of this gray symbol into purple. The purple color is the telltale that your location is currently being shared with the person you talk with.

As you will soon discover, however, the location will be presented in more general terms, without maximum precision. So, you might see the state but not the city or the neighborhood you’re in. Some people appreciate this feature, others don’t. Usually, it’s the sales executives and other people with leading roles who need to let their employees or staff know where they are. And it’s a great thing to know that no matter where you go, you don’t need to manually adjust your location.

On the other hand, the employees or the staff, you’ve guessed, might not be thrilled of letting their bosses know exactly where are they texting from. Transparency is, after all, a matter of personal preferences.


How much flexibility do you have at hand?

So far, one thing is obvious. Sharing your location on Viber comes with a certain degree of flexibility, though, only to a particular extent on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. And you cannot rely on precision, that’s for sure. To give you an example, you being in West Hollywood, California will not be displayed like that. The app will indicate that you are in the State of California, but will not provide the exact township.

At the same time, precision on Viber location is only allowed when the security requires it. For most regular users, precision is not necessary. For the governmental bodies, however, it can be. And a savvy engineer can easily track down any chatter’s presence, on any messaging platform, be it Viber, Skype, or whatever. The public use, however, won’t have access to such a thorough accuracy and it’s understandable why.

At the opposite pole of the matter, users can also play around with the Viber location feature and indicate a completely different location than the one they’re currently in. Otherwise said, someone currently in California might tweak the Viber account to display a location in, let’s say, Japan.


Should you still pick Viber over Skype?

With both of these apps having similar functionalities and roles, one would wonder which is the better choice. We say it’s Viber, but let us bring you some solid arguments in this direction and then, maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion.

In case you didn’t know, Skype is a Microsoft product and Microsoft has a lot of other, more important things to deal with right now, than to make Skype a priority in terms of development and updates. Viber, on the other hand, whether it is the iOS or the Android app, is still constantly updated. It features more attractive options, it is regularly redesigned with perfection in mind, and always aims to improve the user’s experience.

A Viber user can manually edit his location details from the settings of the app. Many people are not really aware of this option or don’t have the time to search for it. But if you want, you can set up a location – an accurate one or just a misleading one.

Moving on, both Android or iOS Viber apps and MS Skype app let you communicate your location to your audience. But, once again, Viber is more flexible as it even allows you to share notifications, to adjust your status and identity however you want. Skype is more rigid on this chapter.

Many would pick up a chat app randomly, based on their inspiration of the moment or based on what their friends or relatives are using more often. Without taking the time to delve into its options, and relying mostly on the basic actions like chatting and setting up a status or pinning a location, they remain clueless on all the other cool things that Viber can let them try out.

From now on, hopefully, you will no longer be in this unpleasant situation and start to explore and get to know better the Viber app. Of course, if you have any extra questions, we are here to help, so just message us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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